Made by an athlete and trainer with nutrition in mind.

    HIGH protein, LOW in net carbs. HIGH fiber shelf stable bars.

    No chalky taste. "Setting the Bar" when it comes to flavor and nutrition.


    These bars are 100% all natural.

    Only the best ingredients such as unsweetened dried organic cherries, and the purest of extracts. No preservatives, no artificial colors or additives.

  • Support Local. Made in Winnipeg, MB

    Silver medal Winner at the Great Manitoba Food Fight

Doing Protein Bars Better

Klean bars are a chewy treat to satisfy your craving; keeping you in optimal health, and doesn't have to be dipped in chocolate or icing to taste amazing. See how Klean bars are “Setting the bar” on what a bar can be. Come try a Klean bar and taste the difference.

Katy Unruh, IFBB Pro & Founder of Katy's Kookies

I am a personal trainer and life coach, an international bikini athlete, and have been in the fitness industry for over 25 years. I competed in the figure bodybuilding division and during those 24 shows, earned three (3) different Pro cards from different federations. The remaining 14 competitions, I switched to bikini, and recently became an IFBB Bikini Pro. I continue to strive for excellence in both body, mind, and spirit, as well as within my business world.

Living with lupus without using medications, I have a strong passion for fitness nutrition, which led to the designing and production of Katy's Klean Protein Bars (Katy's Kookies). I want to feed my body clean and functional nutrition to stay in optimal health.

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"I really care about what type of food I put in my body"

“I love Katy’s Kookies protein bars cause it’s an easy, high protein and healthy snack. Before I discovered Katy’s Kookies, I was never eating protein bars, because most of them are full of artificial ingredients that my body doesn't digest well. As a bodybuilding bikini competitor, I really care of what type of food I put in my body. 

Katy’s bars are all made of 100% natural ingredients and no added sugar. My body and gut love them! Plus, I have 7 choices of flavors to choose from. I tried them all and they’re all amazing! These bars are part of my day-to-day snack!” ~Marylou Charette

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  • "A great go-to snack"

    Being a full time firefighter, paramedic, personal trainer, and national level physique athlete leaves time very tight most days.

    Thankfully I have Katy’s Klean bars to keep me on track with my nutrition when time doesn’t allow me to meal prep!

    With the Amazing flavours, great texture, and natural ingredients make this a great go-to snack, all while keeping me on track with my goals! I always keep a couple in gym bag, and they’re an absolute life saver when travelling. I’m blessed to be on the Katy’s Klean team as I push towards achieving my goals in fitness and business! ~Jeff Magnuson

  • "The Right Choice For Me"

    "As bikini athlete, mom of 2 and full time worker as healthcare professional, I am loving Katy's Klean Bars as they offer an amazing taste and a great option for my busy life. I always have one in my bag to make sure that I never skip a snack or a light meal. I truly appreciate how the texture makes me feel satisfied.

    As a nutritionist,  I can add to this that the high nutritional value and the quality of the 100% natural ingredients make the bars the best choice for me and I am happy to refer my clients to this awesome product!" ~Violaine Pigeon

  • "I include them in every clients meal plan!"

    Founded by Chris Gurunlian in 2013, Ludachris fitness has grown to become one of the top personal training companies in North America.  While specializing in preparing athletes for fitness competitions, Ludachris fitness also provides a great service for lifestyle clients as well.  We are a one stop shop for all your fitness goals.

    "I include Katy's Klean Bars in every client's meal plan. It adds an awesome healthy treat to their diet, and each bar has such a unique flavour"


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